C&T Talk Episode 118 - Moral Narcissism - June 22, 2016

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Two friends debate the issues of the ages.  Tune in to hear them agree to disagree. Tonight's Topics include:

News Roundup:

Moral Narcissism is an evocative term for the almost schizophrenic divide between intentions and results now common in our culture. It doesn't matter how anything turns out as long as your intentions are good. And, just as importantly, the only determinant of those intentions, the only one who defines them, is you.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting

No Fly List Weapon Ban

"Assault Rifle Ban" in US Senate Fails;

Merriam Webster Definition of Assault Rifle - any of various automatic or semiautomatic rifles with large capacity magazines designed for military use

Weapons used in OrlandoSig Sauer MCX .223-caliber rifle's magazine capacity is 30 rounds and Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol has a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds (most popular police and security gun sold); Gunman was a security guard for years prior to the attack

Trump Fires his Campaign Manager

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