Comic Book Tales Issue 20 - Question and Answer - July 3, 2015

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If you are just learning about comics but are unsure of where to start? Here is a great chance to kick start your new weekly habit.

1) I recently started collecting comics books and because I want to protect my investment, I bought some boards and bags. When they arrived, I found them to be too large for my comic books. What did I do wrong? - S. Culver in Lake Orion, Michigan

2) Are comic books a good investment for my child's college education? - K Libby in Lincoln, RI

3) I have a daughter and I want to involve her in reading comics, but everything seems to be juvenile or too violent. I can't find anything in between. Any suggestions? - E. Prigge in Findlay, OH

4) I want to go to a Comic Convention, but I am a little nervous. I have never been to one and I am not sure if I need to dress in costume or not. What do you think? - G. Bates in Indianapolis, IN

5) Why do the comic book movie costumes look so different than the comic book costumes I am used to seeing? - J. Heath in Mechanicsburg, PA

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