C&T Talk Episode 4 - What is your favorite item of makeup a woman wears? Are you kidding me? Who picked these topics? - April 3, 2014


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Two friends debate the issues of the ages.  Tune in to hear them agree to disagree.  Tonights Topics include:

1) Veganism vs. Fruitarianism - Which is better and you must pick one

2) Best movies of the last 10 years and why?

3) What are your thoughts about the Affordable Care Act?

4) Your favorite vacation spot or place you have always wanted to go. Why?

5) What is your favorite item of make-up that a woman wears (i.e mascara, eyeshadow, lipgloss, etc.) Why? If you don't like make-up why not?

6) Year Round School vs Traditional school term (as it is today)

7) Your favorite President. Why?

8) Listener Coldfinger asked: Please cover restaurant tipping from the standpoint of the proposed minimum wage increase and the effect it will have on waiters/ waitresses

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