C&T Talk Episode 47 - Hillary the Hawk - January 31, 2015

C&T Talk Episode 47 - Hillary the Hawk - January 31, 2015

Just because they haven't been caught, doesn't mean the Patriots aren't still cheating.  If you would cheat at something so meaningless, wouldn't you also cheat in other more meaningful ways?  Also Hillary is now strong on foreign policy and military force. Who knew?  Bad guys do bad things.  When given the chance to do them again, they will almost always revert to form.  Gitmo should not be a half-way house, it should be a prison.

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C&T Talk Episode 41 - 55 Years Down the Drain - December 17, 2014

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Two friends debate the issues of the ages.  Tune in to hear them agree to disagree. Tonight's Topics include:


1) CIA Torture Report

2) Sony Hack - Terrorism Threat

3) Cuban Normalization

4) Could a College Football/Basketball Team beat an NFL/NBA Team

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