What We Believe

Often times we are challenged with the question: "What do you believe?" It seems like a simple question, but that is the problem. Many members of the population never give this question it's true worth. Do you believe what your parents told you? Do you believe what your boss tells you? Do you believe what your government tells you? What you believe is a fundamental part of who you are. It will determine the direction your life takes and the decisions you make. Often we aren't even truly aware that our beliefs dictate our lives.

Before the middle of the 20th Century most American's probably believed that going to the moon was the stuff of science fiction, but not reality. They would have been wrong, but up until that July day in 1969 it had been true for the entire span of human history.

Beliefs can be changed, but a person has to be willing to hold a belief before it can be altered.  They have to be personal. For this and all future discussions, each reader needs to decide what they believe.  

So, ask yourself:

What do you believe?