Hug a Vet

What is your first reaction when you see a man or woman in uniform?

How about the older men who wear hats or rings showing their years of service for past wars?

If you aren't walking up to each of these individuals and thanking them for their service then I contend you are being selfish  and ungrateful.  See it is easy to say you support the military.  It is quite another thing to thank them for what they do.  Thanking them could be as simple as saying Thank You in person.  Maybe it is providing for their families while they are serving overseas.  Sometimes it is providing a job when they need it.  When I was growing up I was taught to say thank you to someone when they gave me a gift.  These service men and women of the past and present gave you a gift.  You should thank them for it.

You see these men and women volunteered (maybe even drafted in the past), but they all served.   They all risked their lives to protect and maintain you and your family.  They fought and in many cases died so that you might have the right to denounce them.

That is right.

They fought for your right to be a jerk.  Because our Constitution provides you the right to act like an idiot on message boards and at the DMV and even in church.  They fought to protect all of your rights granted under our Constitution, not just the once you agree with.  ALL OF THEM.

Take this opportunity to donate time or money to some of the links below or better yet share your skills with a vet and their family.  They deserve your support.  Will you help?

If you currently serve or have served in the past.  THANK YOU.  There are no words that can express my thanks for your sacrifice.  Thank you for your willingness to serve.  We would not be here if you had not.  Walk with pride and know that you are appreciated.  So the next time you see that vet or active service person, thank them profusely for their sacrifice, because they have sacrificed for you.  Can you say the same thing?

Wounded Warriors Project


US Dept of Veterans Affairs