Getting Ready to Enjoy Another Winter

I know that this fall has been disappointing due to the wild weather swings.  I have a good feeling our luck is about to change.  I know if you are reading this then you will agree with me.  I have a standing gift from my wife every year.  That is a new fishing license for the new year.  One year she forgot to get me one and I can assure you, it was not the Merriest of Christmas on record.  It resolved itself, but if you are asked about a last minute gift then a new license is a great one.

Now on to business.  I have been cleaning my tip-ups this week.  Making sure all of the line is restrung and replaced as needed.  I have charged my fish finder, sharpened by auger blades and stocked my shelter.  I have even put new tires on the truck so that I don't have any last minute accidents.  The last thing you need is to have a flat at 5am on the first day of fishing.  I will be scouting out the best spots this week and next and checking with my network of like-minded ice fishermen.  Do you have any items in your kit that maybe the rest of us could benefit from or use (with permission of course)?  Any suggestions that help all of us will make this sport even more enjoyable.