Why are we here?

You may have heard about ice fishing, but really weren't sure how to get started.  Maybe you are an experienced warm weather fisherman and wanted to try something for the rest of the year.  More than likely you fall somewhere in between.  I am a real life fisherman (year round thank you) and I have a passion for ice fishing.  This site was created to allow me to share my knowledge and experiences and of course my tall tales.  
We can go on this journey together and I welcome the interaction of the ice fishing community.  As we move forward it is my hope that we will all learn something (myself included) and maybe develop some fishing buddies.  I enjoy the time on the ice for what it is, but as you may all understand my wife would prefer that I have a buddy with me for safety.  This is obviously a great idea (maybe later I will share why this is such a good idea based upon my personal experiences).  Anyway, here you are and I can't wait for the fish fry.